10 December 2008

Wednesday Wrap-Up


What? Wednesday wrap-up? Y'all thought those only happened on Friday's, didn't you? Well, Friday is ASM's virtual cookie exchange, so I decided to move things up a few days.


The Christmas tree hunt was a huge success. Cam chose a 9' Fraser Fir which was allowed a day to rest, and then decorated with passion on Sunday.


On the PTO front, I had the wonderful task of firing a volunteer. One of the members accepted the coordinator position for our monthly Market Day Fundraiser, and has managed to create a major cluster-fuck out of it in only two months. Not only was the process unsuccessful, but she decided since she was coordinator, she didn't need to pay for her food order (to the tune of $122). After 3 unsuccessful attempts to contact her via phone, I was forced to leave a voice mail message for her and followed up with the following email:

This email serves as follow up my voice mail to you this afternoon outlining, and confirming, my message.

We appreciate your work on the Market Day fundraiser over the past two months, however the executive board of the PTO has decided it is in the best interest of the PTO, and of Market Day, to take over the responsibilities of the Market Day fundraiser. Effective immediately, we will no longer need your services with any part of the Market Day process. Please return any Market Day Materials to the middle school office. We will not need you to attend any portion of the Market Day pick-up tomorrow (December 10th).

As of 9AM this morning, we have still not received your payment for the Market Day order you placed, and picked up, in October. Please insure that payment is received in the PTO mailbox at the middle school prior to 4PM on Friday, December 12th. If this is an issue of financial hardship, please contact me directly either via email or at [phone number] so that a formal payment plan can be arranged. If payment is not received, or if payment arrangements are not made by 4PM December 12th, I will need to take legal action to collect the debt.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything contained in my voice mail, or in this email, please contact me directly. I will be the only person from the executive board - or from the PTO - who will be able address any concerns.


PTO President

No one should ever have to "fire" a volunteer - ever! Unfortunately, after several promises made by her that were never kept, and a fundraiser that was beginning to tank, it was necessary.



Jennybean said...

ugh! sucks that you had to fire someone, but the tree looks fab!

Jormengrund said...

Well, the tree's looking great, now if you could only get others to get you into the holiday spirit, we'd be good to go!

I know.. Drop on by and see the gifts I gave for the Secret Santa!

I think you'll like my taste in decorations!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tree! I'm deathly allergic to real ones, but I do think they are much prettier.

Your letter was nicely worded. Some people just suck.

Jay said...

The tree is beautiful.

The volunteer is a moron! LOL

Deech said...

That is one sweet looking tree!

Yeah, I agree with Jay. The Volunteer is a moron!

we're doomed said...


Jill said...

Ouch. Sounds like someone was taking advantage.

Very pretty tree you got there! I'm a wee bit jealous, mine is a 4 foot fake one from years of living in an apt.

captain corky said...

Cam picked out a great tree and it looks really nice. I like the purple lights.

Vixen said...

Sucks you had to do it but very well stated.

The tree looks *beautiful*. :)

Dana said...

Jennybean, I do like the tree this year - the kids did a wonderful job.

Jormengrund, I've read about your Secret Santa fiasco!

FF, it was difficult to be nice yet firm. The good news is that she paid the outstanding balance today!

Another Suburban Mom said...

Love the tree. I think you handled the termination with grace and class.

Dana said...

Jay, here's to beautiful trees and moronic volunteers! They both make for great blog fodder!

Flyinfox, thank goodness you didn't say my tree looked moronic!

Doomed, it's the yin and the yang of life!

Dana said...

Random, you know, I'm not sure what the circumstances were, but I know they were not in the best interest of the PTO. And you have tree envy??

Corky, the lights aren't actually purple, but they sure do look that way, don't they?

Vixen, thank you. It really was a difficult thing to have to do.

Dana said...

ASM, thank you! Coming from you that is quite a compliment!

Lu' said...

Wow Cam, nice job indeed. Very nice picture. Firing someone has to be tough.

Anndi said...

Very nice tree!

Some people take on responsibilities they just aren't wired to accomplish. Letting a fundraiser for kids tank sucks, just like using the funds or attempting to get a freebie.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Looks like the Christmas tree would have done a better job with Market Day!

Pretty tree!

Biscuit said...

What a butt-squincher! I am no good at stuff like that. You did an awesome job!

Lovely tree!

Schmoop said...

Sweet Tree, Dana. And the volunteer? Perhaps related to your Governor? Cheers!!

Brian Gardes said...

that was a really professional message. Glad you had the balls to do the adult thing and deal with the person.

"Helpers" can be a pain in the ass!

Dana said...

Lu, Cam has quite an artistic eye!

Anndi, I do think her intentions were good, but I also believe she likely didn't have all of the support she needed. I cannot, in good faith, put the entire blame on her.

RLL, I do love our tree!

Dana said...

Biscuit, as the PTO grows (our school population has doubled in size in the last two years) we seem to have more of these challenges!

Matt-Man, I've got to do a post on our governor. Damn liberals *wink*

Garbonzo, I did my best to address the issues without pointing fingers. I do hope this all blows over.

Unknown said...

With an ex-friend like mine, I'm just not surprised at anything anymore.