05 December 2017

TMI Tuesday | Sexy Specifics

TMI Tuesday blog
1. What do you find sexiest in a woman?
Intelligence, quick wit, personal integrity, honesty, a friendly smile, hard nipples. WHAT?? This is TMI Tuesday!
2. What do you find least sexy in a man? (*NOTE*) I read this question incorrectly and instead answered the question "What do you find MOST sexy in a man - OOPS!)
Intelligence, quick wit, personal integrity, honesty, a friendly smile, hard nipples muscular forearms. Yes ... I have a forearm fetish, what can I say?
 3. Have you ever been the other woman or man? Would you do it again?
If you've been reading this blog for very long, you already know the answer to this question - I have been the other woman ... several (many?) times.
Now, in my defense (yes, I am going to attempt to defend this), I have never been the other woman with the intent of attempting to take the man away from his wife. In fact, if it begins to look like that might happen, I'll bail on the "relationship".
Honestly? I may have been in more "relationships" where I was the other woman than I've been in where I was THE woman.
If it sounds like I'm proud of that, I'm not, but being the other woman is safe in my world. There are clear rules and boundaries, I don't have to be vulnerable, and I don't have to wonder when someone is going to leave me because I never really have them *shrugs*
Would I do it again? I'm probably MORE likely to do it again after the way my last relationship ended.
Now, I can proudly say that I've never been the other man!
 4. Who puts more into a romantic relationship you or your significant other?
I would say that I do, and I think the reason behind that is insecurity. I feel like I must put more into the relationship because I'm not good enough "as is".
Yeah ... I've got issues ...
 5. Do you have a “work wife” or “office husband”?
One of the downsides of working from home/remotely is the absence of the opportunity to have a work wife or office husband. Instead, I've got two cats who demand pets all day.
Bonus: Are you in a healthy relationship? What makes you think so?
I am in the healthiest relationship I've been in for a very long time because I'm not currently in a relationship!! I'm not sure I'm capable of promoting healthy relationships.
Bonus, bonus: Is the “work spouse” strictly a U.S. American anomaly (they do spend an insane amount of hours at work)? One study found 32% of Americans admitted to having a work spouse.
You know? I don't know. I have honestly never had a work spouse. Hell! I very seldom make friends at work that I'd want to spend time with outside of work so this concept of a work spouse is foreign to me.

03 December 2017