26 April 2018

10 Things Thursday

  1. I have far too many pet peeves, however one that is right up there at the top of my list? 7:00 AM in the morning (for example). Look people, it is either 7:00 AM or it is 7:00 in the morning. It is never 7:00 AM in the morning!
  2. Oh! Oh! And another one ... I was watching my local news yesterday and they were talking about the fact that our expected high temperature for the day was 15 degrees above the average temp for that day. One of the newscasters said, "We are always either above the average temperature, or below the average temperature." Ummmmm ... that's how it gets to be an AVERAGE tempERATURE *smdh*
  3. And since I'm complaining about meteorologists ... 
  4. (via xkcd)
  5. I keep toying with the idea of spending one or two days each month in a coworking space. I stumbled upon Coworker - a website that lets you search for coworking spaces based on your location. One of these days ...
  6. Speaking of work, now that I am caught up I'm still having an issue ... planning my day. I'm able to have a completely different work routine and I haven't quite figured out what that routine should be.
  7. According to Lifehacker, working on Sunday nights can give you work-life balance. Oddly enough, I actually do this ... otherwise I just toss and turn on Sunday nights anticipating the Monday nightmare.  
  8. I need this, because EVERY EMOJI EVER!!! 
  9. Now ... if someone would just put together an emoji dictionary so I'd know when to use all of those emojis, I'd be set! What's that you say ... such things exist?? Sure enough, a quick google search found the Emoji Dictionary and Emojipedia!
  10. Who remembers the Whopperito? I loved that "sandwich" and stopped going to Burger King when they took it off the menu. Now I've discovered there is a Bring Back the Whopperito facebook page! 
  11. If you binge watch Food Network you'll often here the word umami. I was like, "What the hell is umami?" so decided google was again my friend. Guess what I learned? Apparently western "scientists" have decided that we don't just have four tastes (salt, sweet, sour and bitter) ... no ... we have a fifth taste ... UMAMI!! I think someone with too much time on their hands made this one up ... or they were describing a Whopperito *snicker*

24 April 2018

TMI Tuesday | 5 Things

TMI Tuesday Blog

Tell us . . .
1.  The problem with you in 5 words.
I live in my head.
2.  5 things you want in life.

  • The relationship between son and me to improve 
  • To be loved unconditionally
  • To love myself unconditionally
  • To be able to retire before I die
  • To not die alone
*That got kind of morbid quickly, didn't it?*

3.  5 things you need to quit.

  • Smoking
  • Feeling sorry for myself
  • Drinking to excess
  • Holding myself to unreasonable standards
  • Putting myself down

4.  5 things you require in a lover.

  • Honesty
  • Honesty
  • Honesty
  • Honesty
  • Honesty
*Do you think honesty is important to me? I can work with just about anything else, but if you lie to me? It's not going to work*

5.  5 things you are tired of.

  • Car payments
  • Everything Chip and Joanna Gaines
  • Family gossip
  • All things unicorns ... well almost all things *wink-some of you will get that*
  • Dollar stores that don't sell things all things for $1

Bonus:  What 5 things will you never share on social media?

  • My exact home address
  • Identifying details of the people I sometimes write about
  • Anything shared with me in confidence unless I get permission
  • My telephone number
  • Ummmm ... I think I've shared everything else *BIG GRIN*

23 April 2018

After The Secret

For anyone who missed it, this was my Sunday Secret yesterday ...

I suppose this was a long time coming. I had to "rescue" Cam from Podunk shortly after Mike and I moved to Las Vegas. Cam found himself at the wrong end of an armed robbery (marijuana involved - in his apartment) and then an eviction.

Because of the dynamic between Mike and Cam (tumultuous is an understatement), Cam moved in with my mom. She supported him financially for a year. When my relationship with Mike went to shit and I needed to find a place of my own, I was excited to include Cam in my move. 

I found a PERFECT solution - a condo with 2 master bedrooms. This gave Cam his space and me my space. That was in late October 2017. Cam was attending college classes at a local community college ... it seemed things were on the right track.

Then my dad died in early December. Cam and I delayed the trip to Washington so that Cam could finish his finals. We went to Washington, took care of business, and drove dad's 1999 Suburban back to Las Vegas.

It was at this point that Cam decided college wasn't his gig (not surprised - I tried desperately to get him on the vocational school track).

I was patient - letting Cam find his way, but in early February I set my foot down - either go back to school or get a job - sitting in your room all day playing Xbox is not an option.

I reminded him of this weekly.

In early March, he lost his mind, and his temper. He was out of control. He was punching walls and screaming at me. I remained calm and told him that this was NOT okay - he could not behave this way and live in our home.

He left a week later.

I didn't kick him out of the house - I just set boundaries - boundaries he thought were unfair.

He packed up his room and left.

Although I've texted him, he has not let me know where he is or what he is doing.

I did snoop a bit - looked at his call history on his cell phone - and it appears he is in Utah. This is actually the best place he could be. He has a buddy who is in the Air Force and stationed at Hill Air Force Base in Utah. It looks like this might be where he is.

In a span of six months, I lost my (six year) relationship with Mike. I lost my dad. I lost my son. 

This hasn't been easy ...

22 April 2018

Sunday Secret

20 April 2018

10 Things Thursday

  1. I have been at my current job for 26 months, and for 26 months I've been playing catch-up. Financials were behind from day one of my employment. Yesterday? I finally caught up. I had no idea how much that was weighing on me until I sent the email to the CEO - the relief was overwhelming.
  2. In case 45 makes you as nervous as he makes me, this video - Disaster Manual: Surviving Nuclear Fallout might be worth a view.
  3. Did you know that this is a thing??? Apparently their annual cookie crack sale isn't enough of an assault on us! 

  4. Who remembers the technological marvel of the home intercom system?? My aunt and uncle bought a house in 1975-ish and it was equipped with one - I thought it was the most amazing thing ever - and NuTone (the company that cornered the home intercom market) is still around and kicking. If you want to find out what they are up to now, you can read this article.
  5. Did I mention that for the first time in 26 months my financials are current???

  6. Just putting this here because ...
  7. I think I have a mint chocolate problem, which is odd because I'm not a fan of mint. That said, there can't possibly be anything wrong with Andes Mint Brownies, can there???
  8. On my Saturday date with mom last week, she decided it was appropriate to share with me that she cheated on my dad when they were married. I have lived 53 years without knowing that and I could have lived another 53 years without knowing that. There are just some things you don't share with your kids.
  9. I mean, I didn't find it necessary to share with her that I was back at the club for a second time last week ... because there are just some things you don't share with your parents *wink*
  10. Let's not forget that today is a very special day in Las Vegas. There has been a surge in tourism this week ... go figure ...

17 April 2018

TMI Tuesday | Lovers Guide

1. Write your 3 sexual commandments and share them here at TMI Tuesday.

  • Thou shalt commit to brutal honesty, respectfulness, openness, and direct communication
  • Thou shalt not fake orgasms
  • Thou shalt communicate desires, no matter how vulnerable that makes one

2. Tell us your 3 D’s of relationship destruction.

  • Dishonesty
  • Deceit
  • Dull

3. WikiHow lists several steps to seduce someone Using Only Your Eyes What are your top 3 moves of seduction?
Seduction is definitely NOT my strong point - I just want to know that you are interested in me rather than me having to convince you to want me. So, working under those assumptions, my top three moves of seduction are:
  • Eye contact - I will look at someone until they notice I am looking at them, then look down shyly. It's my way of saying "I'm noticing you" without showing my entire hand.
  • Cleavage - If my intent is to hook up with someone, you better believe that I am going to play up my assets, and for me? That would be cleavage!
  • Smile - I am not likely to make the first contact with someone, but I do want to seem approachable and smiling certainly helps with that.
4. What is your sexual healing?
Ummmm ... what is my sexual healing ... hmmmm ... I've got nothing *shrugs*
5. Would you attend a class that taught you how to have an orgasm?
If I didn't know how to have an orgasm I would absolutely attend the class and I would work really hard to finish first in my class *wink*
Bonus: In which areas of your life are you overly confident?
I don't feel like I am overly confident in any area of my life. I am confident in certain areas (intelligence, self-sufficiency), but not overly confident.

12 April 2018

10 Things Thursday

  1. I've been ordering things more frequently from Amazon as of late (anyone else find themselves drunk shopping at Amazon?) and have had issues with packages being delivered, but not to my condo. This article - What to Do With Amazon Packages You Didn't Order states: "According to the Federal Trade Commission, any merchandise mailed to you that you did not order may be legally kept as a free gift." I hope the neighbor that got my nipple clamps is enjoying them!
  2. Then again, maybe my neighbor should read this article - You Should Do the Right Thing Because It's the Right Thing to Do
  3. I had an interesting experience this past weekend - I visited my first Lifestyle & Swingers Club. I've been very open on this blog regarding my sexuality, and let me just say that I have never felt as comfortable - sexually - in any environment as I did there. I'll spare you the details (although some of you would probably enjoy hearing the details), but let's just say that it gave me a new definition of the word "play".  
  4. My friend Sujmoni posted a project 365 photo of this product (and I didn't have her permission to repost it here) so I pulled a google image of what my next coffee purchase will be ... because ...
  5. Oh, one more thing regarding Lifestyle/Swingers clubs? Don't tell anyone, but women have ALL of the power. I'm pretty sure the men know this - I did not.
  6. Did you know tape measures are designed to draw perfect circles? I knew the other four "hidden features", but had no idea about this one!
  7. I clicked on the link to 7 Rules for White People With Black Friends wondering what the fuck? One of the funniest (and alarmingly true) articles I've read in a long time.
  8. Here's a recipe for Caramel Bacon Sugar Cookies because ... BACON!!!
  9. Which of these is really a lowercase G? You can visit here to see if you're right! I was a little surprised that I was right.
  10. And because this 10 Things Thursday wasn't sexual enough? Let me leave you with The Beginner's Guide to Using a Strap-On. My reading list sure has done a 180 since becoming single again.

10 April 2018

TMI Tuesday | Call me crazy…

TMI Tuesday

1. To prepare for this week you will. . .
a. Do 100 push-ups a day
b. Fall asleep to acid house
c. Drink gasoline for breakfast
d. Play TMI Tuesday
By default? D!! I'm sure as hell not doing 100 push-ups a day - I don't know who/what acid house is *get off my lawn* - although I do like a strong cup of coffee, gasoline seems a little extreme. Yep! D it is!!
2. So you entered a cunnilingus contest. What would be your special skill? You know that winning move that would render a woman weak in the knees and make her cum all over your face.
My special skill is that I *am* a woman, and I know what it takes to make a woman weak in the knees and make her cum all over my face. Uh-huh! I definitely have the upper hand in this ... assuming the woman is open to oral sex from another woman.
3. Would you say that any acts of bdsm are cathartic for you? If yes, which ones? Do you find you need those acts because you know they are cathartic?
Let's talk about BDSM, shall we? My experience in the BDSM world is limited ... very limited. I'm dabbling in that arena right now - seeing what my boundaries and preferences might be. Is it fun ... and possibly cathartic?? I'll let you know!
4. Do you believe in:
Possibly? Definitely not outside the realm of my acceptance.
I just cannot imagine that in our vast galaxy, we are the only intelligent (well, some of us), living beings. So? Yes!!
Climate change?
I have one word ... SCIENCE!!
5. What is your favorite game to play that a lot of people have never heard of or don’t play?
Pinochle? Cribbage?? I don't know ... I have a lot of GET OF MY LAWN readers who are likely familiar with these two card games, so not sure if they are rare these days or not.
Bonus:  What’s the most amount of money you’d be willing to spend on:
– Car?
I'm willing to spend as much cash as I have in my pocket. I despise car payments.
– Couch?
If I'm renting a home? I'll try to get away with $300 or less. If I own my home? I'll pay top dollar for quality furniture. Why the difference? I'm practical - if I'm renting I never know if my furniture will fit in my next place I might live. No need to spend a lot of money and then not be able to use it later.
– Shoes?
Sneakers? $200-ish (I've been eying these
Any other shoe? I really hope I can find what I need for $30 or less.

05 April 2018

10 Things Thursday

  1. Did you know that today is National Burrito Day?? You can get a free burrito (when you buy one) at El Pollo Loco. HERE is a list of other restaurants offering some sort of special today.
  2. Apparently I am supposed to have an organized refrigerator and freezer. I had no idea they even made specialized refrigerator and freezer organizing products. How anal retentive do you need to be to designate food zones in your refrigerator??
  3. For all of you who are as old as I am and grew up with Mr. Rogers, you can now have him in stamp form! He's even a forever stamp so he'll never die again (too soon?)!
  4. I am a huge fan of flowers ... especially random flowers. I've purchased more flowers for myself than I've ever received from anyone else. I will often pick up a bunch of flowers at the market, but am always a little disappointed in how they look when I plop them in a vase. I found THIS ARTICLE on How to Make Fabulous Floral Arrangements with Grocery Store Bouquets extremely helpful and the tips make my flowers actually look like an arrangement.
  5. Why is the fact that McDonald's is phasing out plastic straws news?
  6. And what is all of this fascination with unicorn baked goods? I walked into the market yesterday and came face-to-face with unicorn cakes, unicorn cookies, and unicorn mini cupcakes.
  7. I still need to write a post explaining Cam's departure and continued radio silence. Maybe this weekend. And no, I've still not heard from him nor do I know (for certain) where he is ... although I did some stalking and have a pretty good idea.
  8. I posted a couple of updates on Mike's GoFundMe page. If you're interested, and like me, are fascinated by medical procedures, the updates include photos. If you have queasy stomach, you probably shouldn't go there.
  9. I need these magnets, because CAT BUTTS!!
  10. And since I've been sharing little tidbits of "lifestyle" trivia on Thursdays, if you've always wanted to set up a threesome, but weren't sure how to go about it? Lifehacker wants to help you!

03 April 2018

TMI Tuesday

TMI Tuesday

1. Would you rather be the smartest or hottest man/woman in the room?
Yes?!?! I'd like to be the hottest, smartest woman in the room! If I have to pick one? I've been the smartest woman in the room many times, I've never been the hottest woman in the room. I do wonder what that would be like.
2. Do you get aroused by hearing the sexual moans and noises of others having sex, e.g., neighbors, people next door in hotel room?
Ummmm *blushes* YES!! And I may or may not have a lot of experience with this due to sharing rooms and tents for 5 years while in the Army ... and it may or may not have become a bit of a fettish for me. What?? Don't judge me!
3. What are some small things that make your day better?
Small things that make my day better? A surprise text from a friend. Something in my mailbox other than a bill, advertising, or an unsolicited offer for something I don't want. Humming birds hanging out on my patio. 
4. It’s the night before Christmas and you hear footsteps on the roof — what do you do?
Yell at the neighbor to quit drinking so much tequila? Funny story, this happened in Las Vegas this weekend ... on Easter Sunday.
5. What does your ideal Saturday morning look like?
You know? As long as I am not jarred awake by an alarm clock, a smoke alarm, or someone breaking into my apartment? That's an ideal Saturday morning!
6. What does your ideal Saturday night look like?
You know? As long as I am not awoken by an alarm clock, a smoke alarm, or someone breaking into my apartment? That's an ideal Saturday night! 
Fine, I'll play nice ...
My ideal Saturday night ... a bed picnic with Chinese food and someone I really like, while watching a cheesy romantic movie like Ghost, Beauty and the Beast, An Officer and a Gentleman, or Pretty Woman. 
Bonus: What is the craziest, most outrageous thing you want to achieve?
I mentioned this in another TMI Tuesday or Sunday Stealing post recently - the craziest, most outrageous thing I want to achieve at this point in my life it to attend culinary school and start a new career as a chef.

01 April 2018

No Secret - No Stealing

This is in no way one of my traditional Sunday posts. Y'all know I usually go with Sunday Stealing, or a Sunday Secret. Not today ... 

In what can only be explained as a crazy turn of events, I have set up a GoFundMe for Mike ... yes ... that Mike. 

In a nutshell, Mike traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico, last week to begin 4-weeks of training with his new employer, eventually taking that knowledge to Madison, Wisconsin where he would open a new location of that same restaurant.

3-hours into his first training shift, in a freak accident, he ruptured both of his quadriceps. That is a significant injury, however, due to a delayed diagnosis and care plan (48-hours after the injury), he developed acute compartment syndrome - a medical emergency.

An emergency fasciotomy was performed - large incisions were made on his inner and outer thighs in an attempt to reduce the swelling, and save his legs. Those incisions remain open as he continues to go through negative-pressure wound therapy in an Albuquerque hospital - far away from family - and probably for at least another 30-days before he can be medically transported to a hospital in Wisconsin to continue his treatment and eventual rehabilitation.

I cannot imagine being so far away from one's support system, in a strange city, literally fighting to keep your legs. It's got to be beyond terrifying.

Look ... I'm terrible at asking for donations/fundraising ... I do not like to do it. And in this situation? Many of you probably think I'm absolutely nuts for doing exactly that, but my relationship with Mike went from being all about what he had done to me, to not being about me at all. Compassion kicked in.

All funds raised are going directly to Mike - not to or through me. He's using the funds for non-covered expenses - the eventual medical transport to Wisconsin likely eating up the majority of raised funds. If you are so inclined, I know Mike would appreciate the assistance.