22 April 2018

Sunday Secret

20 April 2018

10 Things Thursday

  1. I have been at my current job for 26 months, and for 26 months I've been playing catch-up. Financials were behind from day one of my employment. Yesterday? I finally caught up. I had no idea how much that was weighing on me until I sent the email to the CEO - the relief was overwhelming.
  2. In case 45 makes you as nervous as he makes me, this video - Disaster Manual: Surviving Nuclear Fallout might be worth a view.
  3. Did you know that this is a thing??? Apparently their annual cookie crack sale isn't enough of an assault on us! 

  4. Who remembers the technological marvel of the home intercom system?? My aunt and uncle bought a house in 1975-ish and it was equipped with one - I thought it was the most amazing thing ever - and NuTone (the company that cornered the home intercom market) is still around and kicking. If you want to find out what they are up to now, you can read this article.
  5. Did I mention that for the first time in 26 months my financials are current???

  6. Just putting this here because ...
  7. I think I have a mint chocolate problem, which is odd because I'm not a fan of mint. That said, there can't possibly be anything wrong with Andes Mint Brownies, can there???
  8. On my Saturday date with mom last week, she decided it was appropriate to share with me that she cheated on my dad when they were married. I have lived 53 years without knowing that and I could have lived another 53 years without knowing that. There are just some things you don't share with your kids.
  9. I mean, I didn't find it necessary to share with her that I was back at the club for a second time last week ... because there are just some things you don't share with your parents *wink*
  10. Let's not forget that today is a very special day in Las Vegas. There has been a surge in tourism this week ... go figure ...

17 April 2018

TMI Tuesday | Lovers Guide

1. Write your 3 sexual commandments and share them here at TMI Tuesday.

  • Thou shalt commit to brutal honesty, respectfulness, openness, and direct communication
  • Thou shalt not fake orgasms
  • Thou shalt communicate desires, no matter how vulnerable that makes one

2. Tell us your 3 D’s of relationship destruction.

  • Dishonesty
  • Deceit
  • Dull

3. WikiHow lists several steps to seduce someone Using Only Your Eyes What are your top 3 moves of seduction?
Seduction is definitely NOT my strong point - I just want to know that you are interested in me rather than me having to convince you to want me. So, working under those assumptions, my top three moves of seduction are:
  • Eye contact - I will look at someone until they notice I am looking at them, then look down shyly. It's my way of saying "I'm noticing you" without showing my entire hand.
  • Cleavage - If my intent is to hook up with someone, you better believe that I am going to play up my assets, and for me? That would be cleavage!
  • Smile - I am not likely to make the first contact with someone, but I do want to seem approachable and smiling certainly helps with that.
4. What is your sexual healing?
Ummmm ... what is my sexual healing ... hmmmm ... I've got nothing *shrugs*
5. Would you attend a class that taught you how to have an orgasm?
If I didn't know how to have an orgasm I would absolutely attend the class and I would work really hard to finish first in my class *wink*
Bonus: In which areas of your life are you overly confident?
I don't feel like I am overly confident in any area of my life. I am confident in certain areas (intelligence, self-sufficiency), but not overly confident.