31 May 2018

10 Things Thursday

  1. I used to be OBSESSED with my blog stats. It's been nice to come back to this space and not really give a fuck. That said? I do look at them occasionally just for fun. It appears that I have a Canadian contingency that I was not aware of (who are you people???), and quite a few readers who are interested in OLD (2010) posts. Maybe Dana's 10 Pearls of Snarky Wisdom and Don't Shoot! are timeless? Yeah ... I don't think so either.
  2. If y'all know me at all, you know that I have a Post-It Note problem ... one that likely needs an intervention. That said? I cannot imagine any use for these Extreme Post-It Notes 
  3. Did y'all hear about the Border Patrol Agent who detained two U.S. Citizens for Speaking Spanish? I couldn't make this shit up if I tried. Do you suppose he'd have had the same reaction if they were speaking German or French? I'm guessing it would have been a non-issue.
  4. Are you looking for some summer reading options? These are the 5 books Bill Gates says are worth reading this summer. I have already decided I'll be picking up a copy of Kate Bowler's Everything Happens for a Reason and Other Lies I’ve Loved.
  5. I read What Happened in Vegas | The days, weeks, and months after the worst mass shooting in modern American history with great interest. I was here in Vegas when it happened. I was less than 2-miles from the shooting. My son was supposed to be at the concert, but backed out at the last minute because he had a test at school the next day. At the time of the shooting Mike and I were already on the outs and sleeping in separate rooms, but I will ALWAYS remember the moment I ran into him in the hallway and he asked me if I had heard what had happened. That and the horrifying 90-minutes after learning what happened where I attempted to contact my son. Those who don't live in Vegas measure "recovery" in terms of tourism, but I can tell you that those of us who live here don't.
  6. I think I'll order a bunch of these (with my mug on them) and distribute them to all of my least favorite people 
  7. Apparently You Really Need to Delete Your Old Tweets (and some people need to just get off twitter entirely). Ummmm ... I have 41.5K tweets and have been on twitter since June 2008. I cannot imagine sorting through 41.5K tweets to find the dumb ones. Hell ... who am I kidding? They are probably all dumb.
  8. Mmmmmm ... elotes! I first learned of this wonderful summer treat while working in downtown Chicago where there were elotes carts - similar to a hotdog cart but better!
  9. Here is a fun quiz - Begins and Ends: TV Dramas. I confess, I only scored 25%, but considering I've only ever watched 4 of them, I'll take that as a win!
  10. And finally, What to Expect Your First Time at a Sex Club, an article that would have been far more valuable to me about two months ago, but good information just in case any of you decide to be adventurous *evil grin*

29 May 2018

TMI Tuesday | It’s just a fantasy

This TMI Tuesday was touted as "A very fun blast from TMI Tuesday past–May 29, 2012." I thought it would be kind of cool had I participated in 2012 and could compare answers, but no ... DAMMIT!

(via TMI Tuesday Blog)

1. If your lover was turned on by forced feminization (the practice of enforcing activities on a male, which are typically associated with women, to make him submissive. For example: wearing lingerie, heels, make-up) would you participate?
Here's the deal ... although people assume (based primarily on my 6' tall. linebacker stature) that I would be dominant in sexual relationships, I actually lean way past center on the submissive side. That said, if this was an important fantasy to my significant other? I would absolutely participate! And who knows ... I might enjoy it! *shrugs*
2. When you have sexual dreams or fantasies that are aggressive or cruel, does it worry you?
I don't think I've ever had a sex dream/fantasy that was cruel - aggressive? Yes! But cruel? No ... Do my aggressive sex dreams/fantasies worry me? Not at all. In fact, I find them quite the turn-on.
3. Tell us your hottest, sexiest fantasy, right now, in 100 words or less. 
This is the fantasy about your desires that you probably never share, maybe they even go against your morals or are societal taboos.
Are you sure you want to hear this answer? You can scroll on by if this is more information than you want to know about me. Let's do this - I'll post a link if you want the definition rather than explaining it. My hottest/sexiest fantasy right now is to be a cuckquean, not in the traditional sense (at this point it's highly unlikely I'll do the husband thing again), but certainly with a significant other/someone important to me. We'll leave it at that. If you want to know more you can click on the (NSFW) link.
4. Which super hero would you like to have sex with? Why?
a. Aquaman
b. Superman
c. Wonder Woman
d. She-Ra
Really? You are going to make me choose between Wonder Woman and She-Ra (Sorry Aquaman and Superman)?? I generally prefer brunettes over blondes, so I'm going to go with Wonder Woman. I mean ... Lynda Carter??? *swoon* 
5. Do you think the lure to live out sexual fantasies or have sex frequently is amplified by technology? Briefly explain.
This is an interesting question. Technology has certainly made porn and kink far more accessible *thank goodness - wait - what?* and I think has opened (some) peoples' minds to reconsidering what their definition of sexual taboos are. It has also exposed them to fantasies they may not have considered. Now, I grew up (at least my sexuality did) in the 1970s. I was exposed to *cough*sought out*cough* as much information as I could about sex. I read countless copies of Hustler and Playboy, discovered swingers publications (American Swingers, Swingers Life, etc.) and even "accidentally" came upon a book titled "How to have sex with a woman | Female to female sex techniques" during that time. That's about as old school as you can get, but boy did it fuel my fantasies and the number of times I maturbated.
Bonus: Describe your fantasy life in three (3) words.
All I've got

24 May 2018

10 Things Thursday

  1. My social skills aren't always very social (understatement) and one of the situations I really struggle with is offering condolences, so when lifehacker published How to Offer Condolences Without Sounding Like an Ass I figured it was certainly worth a read. Funny thing? Apparently I've been doing it right and the majority of people aren't. Go figure!
  2. I found another LEGO Set that I need *cough*want*cough* and with 1,685 pieces it should keep me out of trouble for a while
  3. While reading The decline of Snapchat and the secret joy of internet ghost towns I couldn't help but think how it applied to this space. This passage sums up why I started blogging and why I'm back at it:
    "When LiveJournal was the primary way I existed on the internet, what occupied my time was not my friends’ accounts of their days or their vague, passive-aggressive posts about the drama of which I was already aware. Rather, it was falling into a rabbit hole of total strangers’ personal confessions and vague dramas just as small and unimportant as those unfolding within my own friend group. But these were infinitely more interesting because they were happening to someone I had never met, who didn’t know I existed."
  4. Speaking of blogging, I sure do miss (most of) the community that was such a big part of my life from 2007-2011. Every once in a while I look at old posts that sometimes had 50+ comments and click on the blogger links. Seldom do I find a blogger who has actually posted within the last 8 years.
  5. Have you ever wondered which alcohol you should mix with your Wendy's Frosty? *SPOILER ALERT* According to this article, Canadian Club whisky is not on the "to do" list!
  6. Ummm ... this avocado toast/spread trend just won't go away. My local market has a coupon for this new product. 
    (GoAvo Spread)
  7. I was happy to learn that the wedding gift rule that requires the price of the gift you give to “cover the cost of your plate” can now be ignored according to Lizzie Post, the great-great-granddaughter of etiquette guru Emily Post.
  8. The above information does not imply that I've attended or been invited to a wedding any time recently. The couple whose wedding I last attended just celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary.
  9. Although I've never used their service, I am familiar with Megabus, but apparently there is a new low price bus fare player - Flixbus. Back in the day, traveling by bus was seen as a last resort, but bus travel has definitely changed. I can travel (round trip) from Las Vegas to San Diego for $31.98 and that includes Wi-Fi, one carry-on, one checked bag, and power outlets. Sure, it's a 7-hour trip, but it is a far more attractive option to me that air travel.
  10. *SIDE NOTE* I need to plan a vacation. I had one planned - visiting a friend in Texas - but that kind of imploded on me *shrugs* Time to formulate a plan B.

22 May 2018

Truth - Not TMI!

Okay, sooooo ... the TMI Tuesday questions were ... ehhhhh. They were all about relationships. If you had a whole week to do things with your significant other, what would you do? What is your idea of a long-term relationship? What is a healthy relationship? BLAH ... BLAH ... BLAH ...

I am done talking about my last relationship (at least for now - let's not get crazy here) and I'm not currently in a relationship nor actively seeking one, so TMI Tuesday seemed a little silly for me to participate in this week.

Instead?? I'm going to answer a question that Mike asked in response to my Sunday Stealing post. But first ...

Just to clear up any confusion (or to confuse you more), Mike who comments on my blog is not Mike who I was in a relationship with for six years. Mike who comments on my blog's wife Claudia probably wouldn't have approved of that *gigglesnort*

I mentioned in my Sunday Stealing post that something I was really proud of was getting my Expert Field Medical Badge (EFMB) on the first try especially since the average attrition rate for the 10-day event is 80%. Mike asked how I went from the medical field to accounting.

I never realized how odd my job history has been when compared to the majority of those in my generation, but I'm learning that I took kind of an unusual path to get where I am today.

When I graduated from high school I went to Central Washington University to dual major in music and architectural engineering. A few things happened that year that change my direction: (1) Music went from fun, to work. I wanted it to be fun and realized it wouldn't be fun again for quite some time (2) I had an engineering professor give me a D in a class where my coursework was in the B range. He told me that he would never give me a grade better than a D because "women don't belong in this field", and (3) Alcohol, drugs, and sex.

So, after my first year of college, I move back home into an apartment with a high school friend of mine and enrolled in a local community college. I had taken a statistics class at CWU and knew that I liked math, so decided to take an accounting class at the community college.

Once completing my 2-year degree, I worked in some aspect of accounting (i.e. bookkeeper, accounts receivable, accounts payable) for the next 5 years. Then my life imploded and I decided to join the Army. I did quite well on my ASVAB testing, and qualified for any medical military occupational specialty for my E-3 rank. The medical field always interested me (I worked as a nursing assistant while attending the community college), so I decided to enlist as a Preventive Medicine Specialist.

When I left the Army, I found a job that was in that same career area (industrial hygiene), and continued to work in that field for the next 8 years.

Fast forward to when I moved to Chicago (2003) and I decided it was time I finished my bachelors degree. Law was another field that I always found fascinating, so decided on a Paralegal Studies degree, and hoped to eventually go to law school. I worked and went to school and finished my degree in two years. I had a job as a paralegal for only a short time - a little over a year - before deciding that I needed to find a job closer to home so that I could be more active in Cam's education - specifically his autism spectrum diagnosis. Finding a paralegal job in Podunk was impossible - there wasn't a single attorney in Podunk.

I did find an accounting job (branch accountant) in Podunk in 2007, and I've been back in the accounting world since then. The accounting that I do at my current level (accounting manager) is self-taught - a combination of on-the-job experience, accepting additional responsibilities to learn new skills, and google. My only formal accounting education were three classes at the community college level in 1985.

There is the long answer to a short question. Maybe this did end up being TMI after all?!?!

20 May 2018

Sunday Stealing | Care Bears

(Via Sunday Stealing)

What never fails to cheer you up?
Ohhhh ... as much as I bitch and moan sometimes, there are many things that never fail to cheer me up - the smell and taste of that first cup of coffee in the morning - an unexpected call from a good friend (*SIDE NOTE* If I answer your phone call? I consider you a good friend) - fresh flowers from the market - a surprise compliment - holding a door open for a stranger and having them smile or say, "thank you" - Guns N' Roses Sweet Child O' Mine on the radio. Clearly I am high maintenance, right?? *smirk*
Which friend do you have the most in common with?
This is tough question. I have a wonderful friend who is in Illinois who is my sister from another mother. She get's me and I get her - and that (a female friend) is really unusual for me. I also have a relatively new male friend that I met online. Sexually? We have a TON in common. I tend to believe that one person cannot give me everything I need, so I tend to seek out people who fit the bits and pieces.
One thing that never fails to anger you?
Just one? DAMN!! Let's go with institutional racism/sexism and people's inability to see that it is a problem. How's that for a light-hearted Sunday musing?
Favourite way to spend a sunny day?
This question requires more specific information. A sunny day in Seattle? Let me jump on a ferry and go to the San Juan's. A sunny winter day in Chicago? Let me go for a walk until my nose hairs freeze! A sunny summer day in Las Vegas? A well air conditioned movie theater would be ideal!
Create a fortune cookie note based on your week.

Favourite way to exercise?
Is sex an appropriate answer here? If not, I'll go with lifting weights - especially free weights in the "boy" section of the gym!
Favourite thing about your best friend?
I'm going to go with my Illinois friend and say, "Being able to not talk for a year and feeling like there has been no distance between us."
What kind of things do you like to create?
Hmmmm ... let's think about this ... I like to create curiosity in others - I like to create blurred boundaries. I bet you thought I was going to say "cookies"!
What languages would you like to learn?
I have TWO languages that I'd like to learn - Spanish (so helpful in the job market - especially in the southwest) and American Sign Language.
A topic you’re really knowledgeable about?
This is going to sound arrogant - and I'm NOT going to apologize for that. I am really knowledgeable in ANY topic I want to be really knowledgeable in.
When do you feel you look your best?
When I'm about 50 lbs lighter than I am right now?!?! Look ... I've spent the last 53 years being told that my value is tied to a number on a scale. I'm not proud of that, but that's where I am. 
What types of music do you like to listen to?
I'm trying to think of a type of music that I don't like listening to, and you know what? I can't think of a genre that is off limits!
Something that leaves you completely in awe?
Again ... this is not an easy question. Things that leave me completely in awe? Olympic athletes - people who are fluently bilingual - anyone who has overcome a significant obstacle in their life - stars in the sky.
What is your most childish aspect?
My most childish aspect? Believing (and hoping beyond hope) that there really might be a "happily ever after".
A time where you had to be really brave?
There have been many times in my life when I have had to be really brave. That is what happens when you refuse to fit in and take chances. If I had to pick one really brave moment? Calling my husband's brother to tell him that his brother had shot himself in the head. Not any type of bravery that I wish on anyone.
How do you like to keep warm?
*SNUGGLING* When that is not an option? I will make due with a hot bath, some old comfy sweats, and a fuzzy blanket.
What brings out your soft side?
What?? These are really vulnerable questions!! I'd like y'all to believe that I don't have a soft side - in fact I go out of my way to portray myself as someone without a soft side. Unfortunately, I'm a big ol' mess of goo. The best way to touch my soft side (that sounds a little naughty) is to be unexpectedly kind to be. I'm not used to people being nice - that isn't the life I've had. It always touches my heart when someone - anyone - is nice.
What is your favourite way to treat yourself?
Is treating yourself a thing? Ummmm ... does going to McDonald's count?
Something you’re proud of about yourself?
Goodness ... hmmmmm ... let's go with ... ummmmm ... can you tell I'm having difficulty answering this question? I am taking a trip in the way-back machine to my Army days and going with getting my Expert Field Medical Badge (EFMB) on the first try. The average attrition rate for the 10-day event is 80% and it's extremely unusual to get it on your first try.
Something you don’t care about?
Oh the list is long, but right now? I give ZERO fucks about the royal wedding.

17 May 2018

10 Things Thursday

  1. Royal Wedding ... can we be done with this? I don't understand all of the hoopla and I question the sanity of anyone who does understand the hoopla! *feeling smugly superior*
  2. According to THIS ARTICLE, Married Millennials are keeping separate bank accounts. I'm wondering why it took so long for people to understand that having his/hers/ours bank accounts was the BEST thing to do. 
  3. I need this dinosaur soup ladle because ...
  4. If you don't read everything Ta-Nehisi Coates writes, you should.
  5. The same goes for anything about Bomani Jones.
  6. Speaking of Bomani Jones, there have been a few "Mike habits" that I have not been able to (nor do I want to) give up. One of those is sports radio/television. Dan Le Batard, Highly Questionable, The Right Time, and soon ... High Noon are prime examples of that.
  7. First we have pet parents *gag* and now we have plant parents?? Are you fucking kidding me???
  8. There is not a single S'more Recipe in this 15 Best S'mores Recipes article that I will not try.
  9. I received the following email this week. Is it odd that I was embarrassed that I had not given proper attribution? 
  10. And finally, if you are wondering how to have BDSM sex that's safe and consensual? THIS ARTICLE will walk you through the process. I may have bookmarked this article for future reference. 

13 May 2018

Sunday Secret



10 May 2018

10 Things Thursday

  1. This may have happened yesterday. Funny story - my dad HATED the fact that I had tattoos - only sluts had tattoos (and pierced ears) - so what did I do with what little $$$ was left over after the cremation/travel expenses? YEP! It's a memorial tattoo for my dad. For anyone who is curious, the mermaid is a symbol of elusiveness, wildness, freedom - legend points to mermaids being able to see clear to the core of a human - and the swallow is known to come down and lift souls to the heavens.
  2. Apparently the new cooking method is sheet pan dinners. You throw everything on a sheet pan, put it in the oven, and serve it when it's done. I'm not going to lie - these 23 High-Protein Sheet Pan Dinners look pretty damn amazing.
  3. As I've always suspected, Your success isn’t down to free will – luck determines everything. It's why one of my favorite sayings is, "I'd rather be lucky than good." 
  5. And ... ummmmm ... if you have a craving?
  6. Did you know you can get Amazon packages delivered to your car? As long as you own a Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac from 2015 or later, have an active OnStar account, and live in one of the 37 states that offer the service, you're good!
  7. Can we talk about Melania Trump's "Be Best" campaign? On second thought? Let's not ...
  8. I need this. My birthday is in July ... just sayin'
  9. In case you are wanting to know if you are normal? The most popular spot for sex outside of the bedroom? Family/Living room. Personally? I want to meet those front yard people!!
  10. And because ... LAS VEGAS ... we are attempting to set a record for the world's biggest orgy.  I'm thinking June 2nd might be booked for me *wink* 

08 May 2018

TMI Tuesday | The meaning of life

(via TMI Tuesday Blog)

1. What makes you, you?
Can I just say that when I saw this was the first question for TMI Tuesday, I came *this close* to passing on the whole thing. 
Here's my deal ... I think this quote best sums up what makes me, me:
I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions. ~ Augusten Burroughs
 2. Do you care more about doing the right thing or doing things right?
This is a no-brainer ... I care most about doing the right thing. I know that doing things "right" is elusive, but doing the right thing? That's about one's moral compass - it's not hard to figure out.
3. What is sexual freedom? Do you have it?
Hmmmm ... sexual freedom to me is being able to live your authentic sexual self. That's not always easy as social "norms" often battle with desires and needs. Do I have sexual freedom? Now more than ever, and I won't go back ...
4. In your romantic relationships, is trust more important than love?
Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time there was a girl who met a boy. She was very apprehensive as she had met boys in the past who had broken her heart. She knew she wasn't the easiest girl to love - she was quirky - she needed someone in her life wh understood she wasn't "normal".
Fast forward six years. The girl has trusted the boy more than she has ever trusted anyone - she let her guard down. The boy started behaving strangely, and the girl started questioning her trust in the boy. The girl discovered the boy was professing his love to someone else. 
It was that EXACT moment that the girl realized that trust was FAR more important than love. 
 5. Your life, is it more of a dream or a nightmare?
GAHHHHH!!! It's a balance. Sometimes it feels like a nightmare, but I know the dream will come.
Bonus:  What is the last romantic thing you did for someone?
This is tough. Romance left my relationship with Mike over a year ago. He was romancing someone else - I was desperately holding on. Since January of last year, my life has been far more sex than romance. I miss romance - I miss being romantic - I've got nothing ...

06 May 2018

Sunday Stealing | Sleepy Rambles Survey

Sunday Stealing

1. Would you ever try Fear Factor for one million dollars? Why or why not?
Are you kidding? HELL NO!!! Look, I don't even like scary movies and I know they aren't real. I choose not to allow spiders to crawl on my face or to eat cockroaches ... not even for $1M
2. If you use hair spray, what brand do you use the most?

3. Is "Catcher in the Rye" in your library by any chance?
A wee bit of useless trivia about Dana ... I've never read "Catcher in the Rye", nor have I read "To Kill a Mockingbird", "The Great Gatsby", or "Lord of the Flies". I went to high school in the late 70s - early 80s - we were doing the whole "alternative educational environment" at that time - we didn't read classics!
4. What is the best thing about a Barbie doll?
That there are not, nor have there ever been, any Barbie dolls in my home for at least 43 years. I preferred Legos, no matter how much my mom tried to make me a real girl.
5. Cherry or peanut ice cream?
I've seen cherry ice cream *EEUUWWWW* but peanut ice cream?? Like peanut butter cup ice cream? Or moose tracks? Peanut and chocolate ice cream is always a winner!
6. From one to ten, how big of a movie buff are you?
I'd be a -2. Never been a huge movie fan, not sure why, maybe because I've never been impressed with actors and actresses? I prefer a good documentary.
7. Who is a celebrity you think will never get into trouble?
See question 6 - famous people aren't my thing - I'd have a difficult time naming 5 famous people who aren't professional athletes.
8. What is a museum you would like to go to?
If it's an air & flight museum, a history & industry museum, or a science museum I am THERE!! Art museums ... BORING!!!
9. Personally, do you look better with short hair or long hair?
I think I look better with short hair, although 10 years ago you'd have never convinced me of that. I used to think that short hair made my face look fat (fatter), but little did I realize just how much long hair dragged my face down. I don't see me ever going back to long, or even shoulder length hair again.
10. What is the first thing you think of when I say ‘Jack’?
... of all trades, master of none!
11. What do (or did) you call your grandparents?
Grandma and Grandpa Hobert, and Grandma and Grandpa Buhring. How boring is that?!?!
12. What color do you usually paint your nails?
I don't? I seldom paint my nails, if I do (once or twice a year) it's usually a clear nail strengthener type polish.
13. What would be a cool earring design?
Ummmm ... ummmm ... you are asking the woman who has worn a pair of small gold hoops with a pair of diamond stud earrings EVERY SINGLE DAY for the last 20 years. Probably not the fashionista you are looking for.
14. Besides nightmares, what is the scariest thing about sleeping?
Not waking up? Although if I had the opportunity to choose how I'd die? That would be the way to go!

03 May 2018

10 Things Thursday

  1. Why, when networks are giving you times for a new episode of [insert show here], do they give you only eastern and central times (i.e. 9:00 - 8:00 central)? Why are mountain and pacific times not mentioned? Do they just know that those of us in mountain and pacific time zones are smart enough to calculate our viewing time, where as those eastern and central time zone people need some remedial work??
  2. If you frequent DIY websites, you've certainly seen paint chip art                
                                                                                                                I've always thought these were kind of cool projects, but I had ethical concerns surrounding the acquisition of said paint chips (I know, odd thing to have ethics about). I mean, I get that they are free, but they aren't intended to be free crafting supplies. What do you think?
  3. In case you think you might wind up in Africa and then subsequently will be attacked by a gorilla, you should probably read this article.
  4. The next time you are invited to a dinner party (do "regular" people actually have those?), don't offer to do the dishes thinking that is proper etiquette. According to this article, your hosts will appreciate you complimenting their home more that you offering to do the dishes. Ummmm ... come to my house and you can do the dishes *wink*  
  5. This "controversial" billboard went up in Spokane, WA Monday afternoon     
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The Great PNW is a casual apparel manufacturer located in Spokane. They sell t-shirts, hoodies, hats ... that kind of stuff, all with outdoorsy themes. Apparently the city wasn't too thrilled with this billboard - it was taken down within 12 hours. The good news? You can buy the t-shirt. BRILLIANT marketing!!       
  6. My mom purchased a new (to her) vehicle on Saturday. She upgraded from her PURPLE 2005 Hyundai Accent (affectionately know as Barney) to a 2007 RED Ford Edge crossover SUV. I must admit, I was quite surprised that she chose such a practical vehicle. It must have scared her because Monday she went back to the dealer to try to return it. That didn't go too well for her. *rolls eyes*
  7. We had actual weather on Tuesday ... RAIN!!! THUNDER!! LIGHTENING!!
  8. Said weather resulted in the following phone conversation between my mom and me:  MOM: I can't find my windshield wipers  ME*blink*blink* What do you mean? They're on your windshield  MOM: No, I think they are in the same place as yours  ME:*confused* Are you looking to replace your windshield wipers?  MOM: Noooo! I don't know how to turn them on. You're so literal  ME*silently in my head* And you do not ask clear questions - you should be a little more literal
  9. I am so tired of all food things "ology" - donut-ology, pieology, Crepe-ology, Cheese-ology, Sushi-ology, Pho-Ology, Poki-ology. Remember when ologies were things like biology and theology? Now those are real ologies! *get off my lawn*
  10. I find the "new" Crispy Colonel                                                                     
                                                                                                                Just as creepy as Jack                                                                               

01 May 2018

TMI Tuesday | Would You Rather

(via TMI Tuesday Blog)
1. Would you rather wrestle naked in a pool of Jello or chocolate pudding?
Who am I wrestling naked? Which would they prefer? See, I despise both of these foods - they feel funny in my mouth. So, since both are icky in my world, I'm going to chose the one that is NOT my competitors preference ... because I'm like that!
2. Would you rather have sex in your parents’ bed or at a mattress store?
Is the mattress store open or closed? Are there people shopping there?? Look! I need to know these things!! Okay ... I've already had sex in my parents' bed, so let's go with the mattress store ... and I hope I can find a Sleep Number Bed.
3. Would you rather have sex on a beach in Hawaii or behind a waterfall in Brazil?
I've never been to Brazil, so let's go with behind a waterfall in Brazil.
4. Would you rather be on top riding your lover all night or taken/taking them from behind all night long? Why?
Ohhhhh ... I'll take being taken from behind each and every time. So, here's the deal ... when I am on top I am focusing about 90% of my energy on pleasing my partner, which means sometimes (*cough* often times) it's not terribly enjoyable for me. But being taken from behind? I can focus on my pleasure and whomever I'm with can focus on theirs!
5. Would you rather have sex with only one person watching but they know it’s you or with 50 people watching and have them not know it is you?
Ummmm ... Yes? Is that an acceptable answer? Both have happened, although it was more like 20 people watching that didn't know me. It matters not!
And don't act surprised ... anyone who has known me for longer than 6 months knows that I don't follow social norms - especially sexual norms - blindly.
Bonus: Would you rather have to pay for sex or be paid to have sex? Explain.
I would rather be paid to have sex. This country has such ridiculous hangups about sex and prostitution. If I can make money having sex? Yes please!!