08 July 2013

H³ - Or Humbled Humiliated Hypocrite

Not too long ago I wrote a post titled Needy? Or Greedy? where I discussed the evils of Pledgie's and, in general, personal fundraising. Addressing my my own situation over three years ago, when I moved out of husband's house, I wrote:
I didn't put a PayPal link on my blog hoping y'all would bail me out. I scrapped through the tough times because the tough times were a result of my poor decisions.

Guess What??

See that box over there on the top left of the page?

That would be what makes me a hypocrite ... one of the things anyway ...

If you are not familiar with Cam's story, you can read an overview of it [HERE] or [HERE]. What has been left out of these stories is where it went wrong.

When I wrote my High School Memories post series, I mentioned that Cam's BFF's parents offered,
"[...] to cover the costs of an attorney during mediation, but they are willing to continue covering the costs of the attorney should this go to Due Process."
That was the verbal agreement made with Cam's BFF's father, during a telephone conference with the attorney, Mike, and me. The attorney even explained what the potential costs could be. Had that agreement not been made, I would have handled this situation much differently.

Guess what happened?

That's right! Somewhere between that telephone conference in January, and the final billing I received in May, Cam's BFF's parents changed their mind. I was left with a $4,065 bill from the attorney (I was the one required to sign the payment agreement when retaining the attorney), and a $774.12 co-payment for Cam's full-scale neuro-psych evaluation.

Ummmmm ...

I had every reason to to believe that Cam's BFF's father meant what he said. I talked to he and his wife several times during the legal process, and they never mentioned a change of heart. It wasn't until May, when all of the final bills came in, that they made it was clear they weren't going to cover any costs other than the retainer they had already paid (which I am very grateful for!).

They suggested I talk to the School District to have them cover the costs.

I did that. I met with the School District Superintendent and the Head of Special Education, only to be told they didn't have any obligation to pay my expenses.

They also suggested I talk to my own family about offering financial support.

My dad lives in a 14' travel trailer in the middle of nowhere and my mom just sold most of her worldly possessions so that she could move to Las Vegas and live her remaining years in Sin City. I have no living grandparents and am an only child. That's a family shrub, not a family tree, and not much help.

*UPDATE* Apparently my mom saw the link to the Pledgie on my Facebook page and sent me a message stating:
"I wish I could just give you the money you need and if I hadn't moved, I could have given you some. It took all my savings to get here. The post about your financial situation made me sad. You're such a strong person that I know you did not want to have to ask for help."
So, here I am, humbled and a bit humiliated, asking my on-line community for help.

I am doing what I can to cover these costs. I am requesting a loan from my employer for the medical co-pay. I have taken on a second job as an Avon Representative (Facebook Page, My On-line Store ... you know ... just in case you are interested). I will be making arrangements for a monthly payment plan with the attorney. I'm trying ... but I'm overwhelmed and without resources.

I know some of you will find this request offensive - especially since it benefits me and was initiated by me - and I understand that. I also know that many of you are in a similar financial position as I am and cannot offer any financial support.

That said, if you are in a position to help, and want to make a difference in the life of a kid who has faced adversity and continually conquered it, please click on that DONATE button.