About Me

I am a single mom and a trained killer (yes ... literally), currently housing not only myself, but my adult son and his girlfriend. I work remotely as a bean counter, but dream of one day working in my degree field as a paralegal.

I am a straightforward, critical thinker without much patience for observing any of the social graces. 

This means that I frequently insult or offend people, but it's usually unintentional. That said, if I ever actually want to insult or offend you? I will do it very, very well.

I am adept at finding hidden patterns, interconnections, and relationships - or I am a conspiracy theorist. Actually, both.

In my spare time I read office supply catalogs.

You can find me on twitter, tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest.

Got a question? Concern? Want to tell me what an awful person I am? Email me at dana.luann@gmail.com