25 May 2016

A Strange Thing Happened On The Internet Today

I suppose these things happen all of the time now that the world is not so small ... but this one caught me off guard.

I was accepting an invitation to connect from a co-worker on LinkedIn, and clicked on one of those "people you may know" links. Up came Christo Gonzales ... better known to me as Doggy Bloggy ... one of my favorite trolls (I wrote about him here and here). To say he was a pain in my ass would be an understatement. He frequently trolled this blog, and threatened to "out" me on numerous occasions.

So ... I thought to myself, I wonder what Doggy Bloggy is doing these days, since he's popping up on my LinkedIn, and you know what I found out?


Now, I know people die all of the time, but it's just a little weird when someone who caused so much grief in your on-line life turns up dead.

Even more strange?

When you start reading the tribute posts (here, here, and here) from others who knew him online (he was better known as ChezWhat? to most others).

He was a father, a husband, and an asshole.

Like so many people online, there were two very different Christo's ... the one who was clearly a good friend and inspiration to many, and the one who felt compelled to stalk my blog and leave very nasty comments ... sometimes 50+ harassing, demeaning, and concerning comments on a single post, that later I would delete.

I don't know why he did what he did on this blog, and I don't know if I was the only blogger that he did this to, I just know that I knew a very different person than many did.

And I find that very strange ...