06 December 2008

I'm it!


There is this guy Jormengrund. He's a relatively new blogger, but he's a funny, interesting and compassionate guy. He also has this amazing ability to get those of us who don't play well with others to ... well .. play well with others, although I can guarantee you I'll never be welcomed in his home to play well with others!

Anyway, he tagged me! Can you believe that? He clearly hasn't been around long enough to know that I don't do these goofy memes - or do I? Of course, this one has rules (blah, blah, blah) which will not be published on this blog. And requirements to tag (blah, blah, blah) which will not be done from this blog. But ...

I'll share seven random or weird facts about myself ...
  1. I've mentioned this before, but I am ambidextrous. I tend to favor my left hand for fine motor skills, and my right hand for gross motor skills, although there are many exceptions to that. When I put on my make-up I use my right hand for the right side of my face and my left hand for the left side of my face. Painting? I switch hands depending on the angle. Throwing a ball? Couldn't throw left handed if my life depended on it!
  2. This one time, at band camp ... sorry, I couldn't resist. Anyway, I started playing clarinet when I was 8. My parents had to buy a "special" clarinet - one that had partially covered keys - because my hands weren't yet big enough to cover the span of the keys effectively. Music was my first love, and has remained a constant throughout my life. When I needed an escape, it was there. When I needed companionship, it was there. When I needed to feel loved, it was there. Had it not been for music, I'd have had nothing and likely would not have lived to see 20.
  3. I thrive on routine and predictability. I find great comfort in rituals and consistency. I start my day in the exact same way each and every morning, from how I brew the coffee, to which blog I visit first. I am easily thrown off balance when something interferes with that routine.
  4. I was quite active in Jr. High and High School sports and lettered in three sports; volleyball, basketball and track (I set a state record in the shot put), but I never owned a Letterman's jacket.
  5. When I went to college, my intent was to major in music, but I quickly discovered that although I was one of the best in high school, I was mediocre in college. Music became more work than fun and I changed my major to engineering. I left college when I was told by an engineering professor that he would never give me a grade better than a "C" because I was a woman and women didn't belong in engineering (I'm old - this was the early 80's)
  6. I have worked many, many jobs, including a stint with McDonald's (my first), a nursing home (CNA), a sheet metal fabrication plant (worked in the paint shop) and several waitressing positions. It wasn't until my mid 20's that I had a "real" job (accounting) and that was soon replaced with 5 years in the Army. One of my major problems with jobs/careers has always been that I easily tire of them when they are no longer a challenge and I get a serious case of wanderlust.
  7. If I'd have chosen my life, instead of letting it happen, I would have married a farmer, had eight at least five kids,home schooled them, made my own bread and canned vegetables. I'd live in a big farmhouse and make my own soap. I'd help plant in the spring and harvest in the fall. And I'd have been thrilled with living off the land, no matter how difficult times were.


Anonymous said...

Wow! First time I've commented here in a while and I get to be first! Weird is as weird does sweetie, it's really cool to read stuff like this and every time I do it makes me go all introspective about what's weird about me. Maybe one day I'll do something similar. My favorite fact was your last. I have often thought something really similar. Although part of it is already true for me, I have many times wondered how my life would be if I had chosen my path. I may just have gone the farm route myself. I do love working with my hands and living off the land. I've already got you beat on the kids tho' (including your cross-out) As for your college professor, he probably did you a favor because engineering is often extremely boring and you would probably have wandered from that too.
Take Care

Nolens Volens said...

Your life could be an interesting movie. I can see it...the title would be "Wanderlust: Life and Times of a Woman Amid Life's Crises"...starring Gabrielle Reese. ;)

we're doomed said...

A nice list. I especially cherish the last one about the chosen life. I think the rural life is the one many of us would chose if we had the middle age wisdom and opportunity when we were young. How I long for the chance to plow the north 40 once again.

Hubman said...

As someone whose been tagged and played as well, I appreciate the obvious time and effort you put into this. You didn't just list 7 things, you told 7 little stories.


Have a good weekend :-)

Dana said...

FMD, good to see you!! It has been a while! Wanderlust has been something I've battled my entire life and has been the source of many poor choices. It's also allowed me many amazing experiences. I'm working on finding a balance!

NV, Gabrielle Reese? Oh how I wish!!

Doomed, I've actually allways had an attraction to the rural life, from as early on as I can remember. But with Title IX newly in place when I was in elementary school, the expectations were that women should now work towards being more like men, and I fell to the pressure. I've always wondered if my wanderlust is nothing more than a reminder of where I should be!

Anndi said...

I get the same job wanderlust.

Errant said...

i like the part about living in a farm .. so nice and peaceful ..

Dana said...

Hubman, I'm full of ... STORIES! Yes! That's it!!

Anndi, job satisfaction is not something I've ever had, although I did manage to put in 7 years with a large corporate employer so that I could be fully vested in the pension plan!

Errant, I think many of my readers might be surprised at that little tidbit as I think erroneous assumptions are often made regarding my professional drive.

Vixen said...

Girlfriend! I THRIVE on routine and predictability too. To an OCD level. Don't mess with my routine. lol

That is so interesting about wishing you could have been a farmers wife. I could see you in that role.

Great anwers. I enjoyed reading them :)

buffalodick said...

Interesting stuff, as usual! I worked as and with mechanical and design engineers for products, and tooling most of my career! You didn't miss a thing!

Biscuit said...

HOLY SHIT!!! Your number 1? Me too!! I've never met another one of me. I'm so psyched!

Dana said...

Vixen, some might tell you that I border on OCD, but as long as I can do everything the same way every time, I'm fine *wink*

Buff, looking back, I wish I had stood up to the idiot!

Biscuit, My number one (the make-up part) is probably the one thing that is the "weirdest" I've never met one of me either!!

garbonzo said...

Great post. I know how much you hate memes like this, but I appreciate the effort you put in to it!

do you read the pioneer woman blog? She is living your "chosen" life. Bizarre!

Jay said...

I think I need more routine in my life. I should stop just wandering aimlessly and be more organized and stuff.

I would love to have a little hobby farm. I think it would be soooo fulfilling and challenging in that really positive way.

So, do we get a vlog of you playing the clarinet? ;-)

Bina said...

Dana, those are REALLY good! And I never would have guessed you for a routine type of person, but I guess you HAVE to be, for the most part, in the Army, huh?

And number 1 just fascinates me. That would come in REALLY handle after carpel tunnel surgery! LOL

Real Live Lesbian said...

Not only after carpel tunnel surgery!

I had something similar happen in college. I went to my chosen college to speak to the head of computer studies in 1983. I wanted to major in CS and spoke with the head honcho. He told me girls didn't major in computers and that I'd never pass the math classes. I so wish that I'd proved his chauvenistic as wrong!

We're gonna have a little garden next Summer. It's never too late. AND, we keep trying on the procreation, but nothing happens! ;)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Thanks for the insights!

Moosekahl said...

I'm with you on needing a job that challenges you. I moved 4000 miles AND went to work for the Army to get that! And really...marry a farmer? I wouldn't have pinned that one.

Average Chick said...

I've got a wicked case of wanderlust with work right now.

And marry the farmer? Oh boy. I married the farmer. I'd be more than happy to share what that's like!

Jormengrund said...


Thank you so much for playing along!

You know, just reading these seven things tells me that you and I have much more in common than I first thought.

I'll write more about some of my stuff, but I have to agree with Hubman on this one: You did more than just answer the questions, you gave a small story with each one to make it even more personal!

Have a great day!