08 December 2008

First Liners


Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, right?? Well, I stole this from Osbasso (if you don't read his blog Friday through Wednesday, you are missing out) who originally stole it from Leesa (who I haven't read but will need to now). Apparently the two of them have been doing this for years. I think I might just have to make it an annual tradition as well, assuming I continue to blog for another year!


January - I'm a bit slow in posting this, but it's been a difficult post to write. (Referencing my Looking Back post and the highs and lows of my 2007).

February - I actually earned a TGIF this week, and here it is - Saturday already! (After my first complete week at my new job)

March - 9:01AM, twelve years ago, my life changed forever. (Cam's birthday)

April - I know this is kind of anti-American, but I don't do March Madness. (In response the a TMI Tuesday question, "1. How are your March Madness picks doing? or What is your favorite event?")

May - Red is the ultimate cure for sadness. (A Bill Blass quote for my HNT)

June - I have unrealistically high expectations of myself, and unrealistically low expectations of others. (The beginning of a Sunday Secret)

July - GACK! TMI Tuesday Marriage Edition?? This is a terrible TMI Tuesday for me to do right now because my views are so distorted with anger, disappointment and disinterest. (My preface to one of the more challenging TMI Tuesdays I've ever done)

August - A funny thing happens when you post about controversial topics, you get controversial comments. (This was one of those posts that had great impact on my blog and some of the reader's of my blog, and was actually the conduit for the Red Writing Hood Post)

September - As you all know, I often struggle with this idea of being liked - when you don't like yourself - when you've spent years reminding yourself how unlikable you are - it's difficult to make the move back towards valuing yourself. (A tribute to Real Live Lesbian)

October - I want to thank all of you for your supportive comments yesterday. (There have been MANY times where, if this wasn't the beginning of my post, it was contained somewhere in the post!)

November - When you asked if I had been using your razor to shave my legs, I told you the truth when I said "No!" (Another Sunday Secret)

December - Yesterday in the comments, Jenni asked, "I've yet to hear your husband's redeeming quality. Does he have one? What is it? If he doesn't, then why are you staying? For whose benefit?"



Nicey said...

Cool I like it, quite refreshing.

we're doomed said...

I think that this is a good practice. I bet your opening sentences become more profound. Which is a good thing for anyone who writes.

Schmoop said...

Ha. The razor secret was a good one. Cheers Dana!!

Biscuit said...

Some of these feel like they were just yesterday. How does life fly by so quickly?

Karen said...

That is an interesting look back.

Real Live Lesbian said...

I'm with Biscuit...damn, time is flyin'!

Dana said...

Nicey, next year - when you have a full year of posts, I expect to see one of these from you!

Doomed, profound? Me?? Just confused most days!

Matt-Man, that was a good secret, wasn't it?

Dana said...

Biscuit, I felt the same way when I was pulling from the posts!

Karen, it was kind of fun to do - to put things in perspective.

RLL, amazing, isn't it??

Osbasso said...

Couldn't figure out at first what was wrong with my Thursday posts (other than the obvious...). Well-stolen!

Jay said...

That's a pretty cool way of going back and reviewing the year. I never go back and read old posts. Unless it's for a special reason.

Anndi said...

Razor *grin*

g-man said...

RLL and Biscuit (and you) that it seems not like a whole year has passed. I am looking forward to another year. :)

M said...

I think I may have to steal this one too.

...and I agree, the razor secret was a damn good one!

Dana said...

Os, not a darn thing wrong with your Thursday posts, nor with your Friday through Wednesday posts! She steals ... and she's SAFE!

Jay, I had a lot of fun with this, if for no other reason than to see how I've grown as a person.

Anndi, the razor was a good one, wasn't it?!

Dana said...

g-man, every year is a good year!

M, I think you should steal it. It's fun to see where you were and where you are now!

King of New York Hacks said...

all great writers steal from each other , well done.

Vixen said...

I love this meme. I do it every year as well. It's fun and thought provoking looking back on things like this.

captain corky said...

I hope you decide to stick it out and blog for another year. I just can't go back to reading shit like the news. ;)