13 February 2009

Friday Wrap-Up


GAH! It's been a busy, busy week and it's not over yet. The good news? I'm finally out of 2008. Yes, it's mid February, but in the land of accounting, it often takes weeks to close out the previous month, the previous year? Months, especially when you have three branches to get through. But me? I did it in five weeks - without shredding any critical documents! Yeah ... I'm the shit ... Come on! Flipping the switch to 2009 was a momentous occasion. I said momentous occasion, didn't I? What can I say? I do love numbers ... when they balance!


A few of you showed interest in seeing the actual shadow versions of HNT (rather than the silhouette versions). Well, here they are! I'm not sure that I like one any better than the other - they are just very different concepts. WooHoo! Bonus HNT!

Yes! It's even a clicker!


Cam and I have a busy weekend ahead. He has a Valentine's dance to attend tonight. I threatened offered to chaperon, but for some silly reason Cam wasn't very excited about that!

Saturday morning, Cam and I will be volunteering our time in the community. Monthly, our church organizes a day of serving. There are usually 5-8 different places to serve - last month Cam and I spent 4 hours at the food bank distribution center, sorting frozen meat by type and weight, then repackaging it into 20 lb boxes for distribution to the local food pantries. It's a wonderful opportunity for us to give back to the community and opens a great line of communication between Cam and I - giving him more appreciation for what he does have, and a greater understanding of the needs of others. Not sure if we'll go back to the distribution center this month, or if we'll try something else. It will definitely be a loving way to spend our Valentine's Day!

Sunday, my "little boy" starts Speed and Conditioning Camp for football. I don't think I've mentioned that my now 6'-1", 220 lb, 12 year old (He'll be 13 in 2 weeks) has not been able to play football. Why you ask? Well, he's TOO BIG! Ummm ... yeah ... too big for football. He might hurt the other kids his age. *rolls eyes* Anyway, he's grown about 5 inches, and lost about 20 lbs since last year (he'll make weight limits ... just barely), so he can actually play this year. He'll be a double-striper (determined by weight) which means he can play only center or offensive guard, but he can play - and he's excited!




Bina said...

Yea for Cam! Sounds like you have the biggest 12 year old around, and I had the smallest 12 year old around. My youngest played football from the time he was 6 until he went to 7th grade and then I wouldn't let him play. I was afraid HE would get hurt! But of course, now he is 6' 2" but probably weighs 130, no kidding.

Real Live Lesbian said...

YAY for Cam! And yay for both of you for giving back!

Happy Friday the 13th!

katherine. said...

oh boy football! great for cam...really great....lotsa time for you. (but worth every minute)

mid-february close? you did good.

g-man said...

Very cool way to spend the day. You go guys!!

My eldest played football, and one year he had to switch to the "alternate" league because of his size. Apparently there are enough big boys to make a whole league. That was their motto "Let the big boys play".

Even then I saw some enormous kids on the field who really just dominated.

I hope that Cam has a lot of fun with that, there is a lot of exercise and drills. I hope you bring a chair and something to drink to the practices :)

cat said...

So glad to hear Cam is able tomake the team. I believe sports in Chool give kids a appreciation of school spirit.

Hope you have a great V.D. Day and get some .......some chocolates, cards, flowers or what ever that "some" may be.*Wink*

Lu' said...

Thank you I like the shadow version, not so stark. Good for Cam. I hope he enjoys the game.

Vixen said...

That's great Cam is going to be able to play this year.

The dance sounds fun! ;) It's funny how kids change over the years....mine are still at the age where they beg me to go to their school/friend events but I'm sure it's soon enough that they will be begging me *NOT* to come. LOL

Great way to spend your Vday and Sat. :)

we're doomed said...

Great news about Cam and football. I love that you and Cam are volunteering in your community.

Big Kahuna said...

I am in Managerial Accounting for my MBA program - I do not envy you at all!!

Glad for Cam - Only 2 more years and he can play any position he wants!!

Dana said...

Bina, I do have the biggest 12 year old in our community! It's been frustrating - he might hurt someone? In football?? Isn't that what football is about??

RLL, the giving back was a bit of a new year's resolution for us. It's been a gift from us, and FOR us!

Kat, that's what I hear - I can now expect to spend a great deal of time on the road and at practices/games!

Bond said...

A wonderful way to spend Valentine's Day for sure. Congrats to Cam for his volunteering and for being able to play football now.

OH and hope you smiled and didn't barf! (ya know what I mean)

Dana said...

g-man, I thought it was a wonderful way to celebrate a day honoring love! I'll be honest - I'm not convinced Cam realizes how hard he is going to have to work in football, but we'll see!

Cat, I actually did get an unexpected valentine delivery today!

Lu, see? I really do read all of my comments!

Dana said...

Vixen, middle school - that's when it happens - although if the truth be known, I can tell he is actually glad that I am involved, he just doesn't want me to know it!

Doomed, as Cam and I have gotten more involved in the church, I've realized just how important it is yo "do" rather than to just "talk" It's that old actions speak louder than words thing!

Kahuna, THREE branches I had to close - and one of those with a local bookkeeper who doesn't keep books!

Dana said...

Bond, I just threw up a little bit in my mouth - then swallowed - and smiled! *BIG GRIN*

Jeff W Bach said...

Dang, he might just be big enough to pay the entire line!

Sounds like someone you definitely want on your side of the ball.

Moosekahl said...

How exciting! I'm glad Cam finally gets to play. he's going to have so much fun.

Kudos on the cartoon; it's exactly how I feel.

Matt-Man said...

Enjoy serving the masses. That's really nice. Cheers Dana!!

UzzyB said...

Jeez...my 12yo doesn't even make the bottom requirements for football around here. Only 79 pounds at last doctor visit.