09 May 2009

Semper Paratus


Any Marines or Latin lovers, or even Latin loving Marine's, out there?? Semper paratus ==> Always ready ... which isn't always the case if you are a man over 40 ...

*enter $5 billion in advertising spent by the pharmaceutical industry in 2007*

Viagra - Cialis - Levitra Drugs developed specifically for a men's health issue. What was once referred to impotence is now more lovingly called erectile dysfunction (ED). Bob Dole was the ED spokes person pioneer back in 1999 (who'd have ever thunk it?) but now, commercials discussing ED are as common as those referencing osteoporosis.

Seems Representative Jim Moran (D-VA) takes issue with that. He has introduced H.R. 2175 - a bill that would "prohibit, as indecent, the broadcasting of any advertisement for a medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction" - at least between the hours of 6AM and 10PM.

You see, Representative Moran (and many who support him) thinks talking about *gasp* sexuality is indecent. What if your 8 year old was to ask you what an erection is? Oh no! As a parent I'm supposed to answer those kinds of questions? No! I did not sign up for this. Children shouldn't even be asking such questions - surely if we ban all television reference to it and refuse to discuss it, we can avoid embarrassment, right?

Sure, I've seen the commercials - usually during televised sporting events, James Bond movie marathons and other programing targeted at an audience that would be most likely to have concerns with ED. I've certainly never seen any ED advertising on Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel or during Saturday morning network cartoons.

Look people, if you are worried that your 8 year old might ask you what an erection is - and that you might have to actually answer them - how do you feel about "feminine protection" advertising? Or is that OK because manufacturers use a lovely shade of blue water and a test tube to get their point across? What about condom advertising? Wait! Or ... or ... K-Y® YOURS + MINE® advertising? That's right, Johnson & Johnson, the same folks who make your baby powder and "no more tears" shampoo, are producing commercials that tell you sex should be enjoyable for men and women. The horror!!

Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition, just like osteoporosis, diabetes and severe depression, yet Representative Moran isn't supporting a bill that bans all pharmaceutical advertising, or even all pharmaceutical advertising that addresses sexual health. Nope! Only that evil word "erection" needs to be yanked from television.

Should advertising addressing treatment for ED be banned from television? Do you suppose it is predominately women who take issue with ED advertising or do you think men are equally bothered by it? And what ever happened to the option of turning off the TV if you don't like what it exposes your children and family to?



Christo Gonzales said...

menstrual advertising bugs me just as much as ED and 'extenze' type of advertising...but so does shamwow so I am not the one to ask..

Brandi said...

I actually thought it would be predominantly men taking issue with the advertising, I've seen my fair share get squirmy over those commercials, as if by just seeing the commercial they will suddenly develop ED. But maybe I just know sexually confident and comfortable women.

I don't have a problem with the ED commercials but I would definitely support a ban or at least regulations on pharmaceutical advertising. But that's just because the pharm industry should be better regulated on all levels. And I'll leave it at that before I rant about them. :)

Karen said...

Personally, they don't offend me. But if think about the big picture, I see the issues with the commercials.

The ED commercials are shown often during sporting events. If I was watching the Mets or Giants with my 8 year old kid and he or she looked over at me and asked "what is erectile dysfunction?" I might take issue with the commercials.

Now showing the KY commercials during soap opera or on Lifetime is fine. Kids shouldn't be and probably don't want to watch that stuff. But during a sporting event. Eh. I am not sure that is a good idea.

Jay said...

I think the legislation is stupid. Just like I think all the holier than thou crowds constant pushing of the government to force networks to take their best programs off the air is stupid. All in the name of "protecting the children" which I also don't give a crap about. I'm sick of people who don't want to actually be a parent trying to get everyone else to do their job for them.

I'm not completely insensitive to their complaints about all the E.D. and other bodily function ads on TV though. They do get old and tiresome and sports is something that people like to watch as a family, as opposed to say, "Desperate Housewives" or some show like that. That's why what really annoys me about this Moron .. er.. Moran guys legislation is that people have been complaining to the networks, sports leagues and drug companies for years to please scale back all the limp dick commercials. They're on all the time. And the networks, sports leagues and drug companies have been completely ignoring the viewers. If they hadn't been so arrogant and would actually be a little more receptive to the requests of their viewers, we might not have Congressman Moran pushing this legislation.

Osbasso said...

For years, I kept wondering why women needed sanitary napkins. What? Boys were just expected to use their sleeves??

I'd love to see a ban on pharmaceutical advertising for meds that aren't available over the counter. Most of these things are prescription only, and they spend half the commercial reciting the side effects, most of which are worse than what's being treated! What other industry gets away with that??

On the other hand, Smiling Bob is my hero. I don't mind the Enzyte commercials. But Elvis is spinning in his grave, or retirement home, or wherever he is, because of what his estate allowed to be done to "Viva Las Vegas"!

Hubman said...

I think your last line sums it up best. If I really had a problem with my 8 yr old son seeing the ubiquitous ads on ESPN around the dinner hour, I could just change the channel or turn off the TV.

ASM and I have joked that one of these days he's going to ask "mom and dad, what's ED?"

Thanks Dana, you just jinxed us ;-)

we're doomed said...

Forrest Gump: "Stupid is as stupid does". Rep Jim Moran, is of course, stupid. Even Forest Gump could see through that crap.

As a disclosure, I hate most commercials. I can't remember when I have seen something in a commercial, besides an event, that I wanted to buy. We humans have plenty of things going on in our life. We eat, digest and then dispose of the waste from the eating. We think, sing, talk and do many other natural things every day. The one natural thing we do that is the most beautiful. We hide! We hide from! We condemn! We call it dirty! What is this horrible thing? It goes by various names. Sex, making love, hooking up, a roll in the hay and making whoopee are just a few of the names we assign this act.

I would rather live in a world, a country, a state or a city where explaining to my children what is ED is much more of a natural and accepted action than explaining to them why people murder people. We glorify violence in the movies, but condemn any sex in the same movie. I think we have our priorities mixed up.

As Rep Moran has shown. You don't need to be moral or smart to be elected and pass laws. ED is a part of life. So is the sexual act. But some of us make the act a dirty thing. You only live once. Let us try to live in a world where Mr. Moran is considered an a**hole and ED and Sex in general is considered natural like eating.

none said...

We don't need no stinking regulation..but we do need TV stations and adverstisers to self regulate and stop putting KY. penis pump and hard on enzyte dick extender commercials on during family viewing and educational programming

My little girls are confused about enough stuff right now and they aren't ready to even go into the whole discussion about why people would need this stuff.

I'm all for being honest with kids about the birds and the bees but talking about penis lengthening cream is not part of it.

rage said...

Personally, I find that the ED commercials with that goofy guy on there annoying. However, I think this representative guy is just embarrassed that he probably has ED and doesn't want to be reminded of the fact each time he sees these commercials.

As far as the kids asking what an erection is, they're bound to ask the question someday irregardless of whether or not they see such a commercial on TV or not, don't ya think?

Dana said...

doggybloggy, I'm with you there - all advertising is a bit obnoxious - but personally, I like the ShamWow guy ... especially when he does his "You're going to love my nuts" commercial!

NY Diva, what is interesting is that when I read the comments on the CNN article, the majority of the "It's about time" comments are from women, but that might just be because they are more vocal.

I understand the need for pharm sales to meet the costs of R & D, but yeah ... something needs to be done about the advertising.

Karen, see? Now I see that as an opportunity for an open, honest and age appropriate discussion. One of my goals in parenting is for Cam to feel confident in asking ME those questions so that he isn't getting misinformation from his peers.

Dana said...

Jay, Moran claims this bill is an attempt to get these companies to self-regulate, but I'm not so sure these companies have the desire to self-regulate as doing that might just decrease their sales. It's unfortunate that everyone seems to be out for their own best interest. Maybe some day they'll figure out that cooperation is a great thing!

Osbasso, I have to say that I get tired of all of the pharm commercials, warnings and half-truths. My guess is that doctors get tired of their patients self-diagnosing and demanding prescriptions for specific medicines. And yeah ... Smiling Bob gives me girlie woody *wink*

Hubman, yes, DB is getting to be that age, isn't he?? I can hardly wait until the day I read your blog and find out that he has just asked you if he'll ever get erectile dysfunction *gigglesnort*

buffalodick said...

The ones with "male enhancement" really bug me- there is so much implied, and so little said, you'd have to be an idiot to buy this stuff... It has nothing to do with erectile disfunction, it just makes your dick look bigger when it ain't ready for action! A potato in your underwear accomplishes the same effect!

Dana said...

we're doomed, I would rather live in a world, a country, a state or a city where explaining to my children what is ED is much more of a natural and accepted action than explaining to them why people murder people.Wow! Isn't that the truth! We have no issue with letting kids see blood and gore - what possible harm could that be - but sex?? O.M.G no! It's a sad place and thank you for the inspiration!

Hammer, I agree that this isn't something that needs legislating, but due to the lack of common sense both on the part of advertisers AND of some parents, it might very well end up that way.

rage, not only do I think they will ask those questions, I *hope* they will ask them at home and not on the school bus heading to 5th grade health class!

Schmoop said...

What I find incredibly funny is that stations will air ED ads and KY ads but they won't air Condom ads.

"Sure, it's it's okay to get a middle aged erection going and dork the babysitter, but don't you dare hose the babysitter while wearing a rubber!!"


Another Suburban Mom said...

I do think the ads are silly more than anything.

As for DB, his main question has been, "How do they get water in the bathtubs on the hill".

But I almost don't mind the ads. I never know exactly when to broach these topics so having something help prompt the discussion is actually helpful.

Just me... said...

Oh, I just think most of TV has gone tacky.. Ads, shows, news.. With exception of a very few, the majority is just trash..
Oh, and TIVO is a wonderful thing.. That is, if you ever get around to watching the shows you keep!! :)

Vixen said...

Is there an option to ban Moran from trying to pass moronic bills???

*rolling eyes*

I don't care about any of those commercials. They don't make me uncomfortable. They don't make my children uncomfortable. AND... *gasp* ....when my children DO ask for explaination or inquire about something they've seen, I do what all horrible parents (in Moran's view) do..... I TALK TO THEM ABOUT IT.

I know, I know. The horrors. *shaking head*

Anonymous said...

Generally, Dana, I agree with you. I object to those commercials coming on during Spongebob Squarepants. It is getting to the point that even kids shows are not sacred anymore. And the advertisers know that because parents watch with their kids, that they think this is safe ground to advertise....

I see both sides of this equation....

Anonymous said...

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