22 December 2010

HNT - Christmas Tree


Soooo ... do I get kicked out of HNT if I don't play by the "rules"?? I think not!

You say it's Three Wishes HNT week? I say I want to play Christmas Tree HNT this week. See, I don't like that three wishes crap - no one ever picked me (and it's all about me! Me! Me!) and I didn't have my tree up last week, so there!

Last year, just weeks after Cam and I left husband's house, I was decorating a freecycled tree with hand-me-down and misfit ornaments. There was something about this ornament that really touched my heart then, and still does now.

*CLICK* - Not everything on my tree is quite as angelic (NSFW)




boo said...

I love seeing you do HNT again. Eventually, I'll get up off my lazy/depressed ass and start blogging and HNT'ing again. I really do miss it. You've always had some of my FAVORITE HNT's out there. You're a damn fine looking woman, with a gigantic heart made of solid gold. Love you, Dana. *smooches*

Osbasso said...

Nah, you don't get kicked out. This time. But only if you tell me where I can get an ornament like that! No, not that one...THAT one. :-)

Merry Christmas, Dana! And Cam!

boo said...

Bah, forgot to subscribe to the comments. So, a bonus comment for you. ^_^ I really can't say how much I value your friendship and love. I wish I could put into words how much your support has meant to me over the years, most poignantly this year. You're tops my dear, positively tops.

Mike said...

You have your tree up already? We're still deciding on where to put ours.

And hey!, you put a little train in your tree. I see the sand dome. Show us the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous shots.. hehe. I like that ornament a lot too.

Oh, and good on you for not playing by the rules! Independence is the way.

LGS xx

Matt-Man said...

Woo Hoo....Let's deck your halls. Cheers Dana!!

Maggie said...

I understand why the order is the way it is (I think) but I like a Christmas tree pic close to Christmas like this! Especially a sexy one. :)

Joker_SATX said...

This post brings a smile to my face! I remember how down in the dumps you were. Look at you now.

I am very proud to know you as a person Dana!

BTW, that shot was delicious!

Jay said...

Can I get an ornament like that one at the Hallmark Store?

Another Suburban Mom said...

Great photos as always. I love that ornament as well.