07 June 2018

10 Things Thursday (Late Edition)

  1. I am a bit of a Pinterest slut. I go on pinning binges, then leave her (yes ... Pinterest is definitely female) high and dry for weeks without letting her know why. Then when I need more of her, I just show up and use her until I'm satisfied. Anyway, THIS is one of the projects that I recently pinned and will likely NEVER be done.
  2. Speaking of binges, this happened yesterday. It's the Seattle skyline with the exact longitude and latitude of my childhood home. I've gotten three tattoos in 7 months. It's probably time to stop for a while or get an intervention.
  3. Did you know that in Japan, many hot springs, public pools, sports clubs and hotels will not allow guests with tattoos? It's true! I read it on the internet. Actually, I did fact check that before posting it. So, if you have tattoos, are visiting Japan, and have a burning desire to go to a public pool, here's a list of tattoo friendly spots.
  4. I loved reading I Will Never be a Well-Behaved Woman written by Janne Robinson. It is filled with morsels of wisdom like, "I would rather drink seven year old rum from a sandy bottle, smell of smoke and ash than sit in church." It was posted on the ElephantJournal - a must-read for me now.
  5. If I was willing to shovel snow and freeze my ass off for long periods of the year, I might actually consider moving to Vermont where the Governor recently signed a bill into law that pays newcomers a $10,000 grant as a reward for moving to Vermont and working remotely for an out-of-state employer. If it were $25,000? I'd freeze my ass off all year!
  6. Planning a staycation? Here's a list of the best (and worst) cities for a staycations. I guess I'm on a permanent staycation - Las Vegas is number seven.
  7. I am quite the sports fan - I even listen to a significant amount of sports talk radio - so the (FAKE NEWS) story that Fox reported implying the Eagles knelt during the national anthem was a major topic of discussion this week. I am still amazed that 45 *using his name makes me throw up a little in my mouth* believes Fox News is the only news that isn't fake!
  8. The resulting responses from Philly players and Mayor kept me entertained for hours.
  9. So the Miss America pageant is scrapping it's swimsuit competition and claims they, "... will no longer judge our candidates on their outward physical appearance." I call BULLSHIT! Let me know when a 5'-6" overweight (and not 5 pounds overweight) woman is crowned Miss America. Then I'll admit I was wrong.
  10. Hey Mike! Did you notice there was no Vanessa Marin content this week?? I'll get back on that next week *wink*


Mike said...

1. That's one that I haven't signed up for. At least I don't remember signing up.
2. That exact location according to Google is the backyard of 13754 87th Ave NE. Did they keep you in a shed?
3. I'm safe. No tattoos.
4. Sitting in church can be stressful.
5. If you hang out in the basement on your computer all the time, who cares what the weather is outside?
6. St. Louis is number 42. The meaning of life!
7. Talk radio? Of any kind? Nope. ... I can't believe Fox used fake news to prove their point. HA!
8. They lit up all the media.
9. Melissa Mccarthy would be a hoot as Miss America.
10. Vanessa's not to happy about that. I have to go. I have a private session with Vanessa now.

Dana said...

Mike,That is the address of my childhood home (thank goodness) and we did have a doghouse in the backyard. I often shared space with our golden retriever. What??? I've always preferred pets over people.