25 April 2011

Too Many Pots on the Stove


I need to do something to correct this.

Too many pots on the stove means I'm not giving any one thing the attention it deserves, and will likely make a mess of something before it gets on the plate.

Assuming it gets on the plate at all.

Hmmmm ...



Jay said...

Don't burn anything. Or yourself. ;-)

Desert Rat said...

Turn off a couple of burners and wash the pots later. It's much better to do a few things well, than many things poorly.

From my journal:

"The irony is that while trying so hard to please, you can end up looking careless, thoughtless, inept, or irresponsible." (A quote from someone else that really spoke to me, because I am guilty of this.)

So stand back, take a deep breath, do something pampering for yourself, and then dive into the MOST IMPORTANT thing first. Don't be afraid to say, "no." People will still love you, and if they don't - it probably wasn't worth it to begin with.

Love ya!

Mike said...

Just keep stirring.